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2014 saw a record number of nominations, that with the excitement of having Ron & Sophie Delezio as our Keynote speaker, made for a fantastic year!


There were four categories last year, and below are our winners!


Big Dog Support Services believe that as a disability support organisation that support should extend beyond their clients to include their staff.  There is a greater understanding of the barriers facing their clients as the staff have life experience, there is a genuine desire to make a difference in another person's life and there is a sense of belonging to an organisation that cares for the community.


Big Dog Support Services is an innovative 0rganisation that is flexible and responsive to the needs of those who utelise their services.  Out of 15 employees, 11 identify as having a disability. 


Bellamour Bellamour engages with children on the autism spectrum through the connection with animal therapy, garden & farm therapy, music, art, sciences and technology therapies. 

Bellamour engages with children on the autism spectrum through the connection with animal therapy, garden & farm therapy, music, art, sciences and technology therapies. 

Equine based Therapy
We use horses specially trained in ground work with children. They interact with the horses by playing games, grooming, communicating and ‘working’. The children connect with the horses by lying on them, riding, and in time they grow in skill and confidence to drive as well.
Bellamour and our Board of Directors is finalising a therapy specific to Autism and neuro-psychiatric conditions. Bellamour is bringing together the expertise of Dr Pamela Seaton – Clinical Psychologist and expert on Aspergers/ASD, Marguerite O’Haire – PhD Graduate and world expert in Animal Assisted Intervention, Sonia Dewdney – Master Horse Trainer and Trina Brown CEO and Founder of Bellamour


KBH Enterprises

Kbh Enterprises employes and supports people with intellectual and psychiatric Disabilities and aquired brain injuries. We are a furniture restoration factory where the empoyees, under the guidance of supervisors, totally repair and restore old furniture pieces brought in by the general public as well as the cutting of survey pegs and the making of wooden items as requested by customers.  KBH Enterprises currently has 21 supported employees assisted by dedicated staff who work very closely, to train and mentor each person.  KBH is committed to safety, and put alot of effort into training around WPHS and the disability service standards. KBH being a small organization, can give direct one on one personalized support to each of their employees and are flexible with individual work needs and requirements.

Outstanding Individual

Sarah Bregonje 

Sarah Bregonje is currently the Administration Assistant for Ability Enterprises Ltd. Sarah has been working for Ability Enterprises for 18 months. During this time Sarah has managed all adminstrative duties including payroll and training. Sarah produces the monthly Ability Enterprises newsletter which reaches an audience of over 700 people. She is a highly valued member of the Ability team and is very well respected by all staff members.

Sarah is 25 years old and has lived in Toowoomba since she was 6 years old. 

Sarah regularly acts in the role of Mentor for our volunteers staff providing training and support in the areas of administration.

She is currently the Chairperson for the Ability Enterprises Staff Committee which meets on a monthly basis.

Sarah is a qualified Justice of the Peace and volunteers her time on a weekly basis at the Toowoomba Court House and various shopping centres around town.

Through her volunteer work as a JP, Sarah was chosen to participate in a Queensland Civil and Adminstrative Tribunal trial for JP's to hear and hand down decisions on minor civil matters. Sarah travels to Ipswich once a month to undertake these duties

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